No Greater Love

December 21, 2011 

Before a person becomes a parent they cannot begin to understand how they will ever be able to love a baby they’ve never met…that is until they hold the one born to them! The idea of giving up everything and laying down your life for the sake of that child, to keep him happy, healthy, safe and alive, just does not make much sense. But ask a parent who has lost a child if they would willingly trade places with that child and the answer is almost always an unselfish ‘yes’. Understand that if the parent could take the child’s place he would not get more time with him, so it has nothing to do with wanting to hold him once again, but has everything to do with the overwhelming desire to see the child grow up to be all that he can possibly be. This is something developed and born into the parent just as surely as the baby develops in the womb and is born to the parent.

So it is with God! He lovingly formed and fashioned us and placed within us desires and dreams — a destiny and a directed path for our good. His thoughts for us are consumed with His desire for our health, safety, well-being, joy and contentment. Like every parent, He knows the pit-falls that the child should avoid. But as every parent soon realizes, each child has his own mind, will and emotions, and he does not always follow the rules, boundaries and guidelines that have been established for him.

Most parents go to great lengths to retrieve a child that has completely made a mess of his life only to face the fact that unless that child is ready and willing to change his way of life, nothing the parent does is going to do much good.

God went to extravagant lengths for us (the ones He lovingly created with His own hands and breath), not willing to allow us to bear the brunt of our deadly willfulness without doing everything with His power to give us a means to right wrongs.

Is there a parent among you who seeing your child running in front of a speeding automobile would not risk your own life to rescue that child (no matter how many times you’ve warned him not to play near the street)?

And so God became man and did the only thing that could truly save His creation from ourselves…He pulled us from in front of the moving freight train! Everything has natural consequences: if you continue to over-eat, you will gain weight; if you do drugs, you will become addicted. Think about the natural consequences for just those two issues: gaining too much weight turns into health issues; drug addiction turns into legal and monetary issues, and on and on. The natural consequence to our not following the rules, boundaries, and guidelines (sin) that God set in place for us is the death of this natural body and separation from the Light-Source, the Life-Source for all eternity. So He did what every good parent would do and did it so that it would never have to be done again — He gave up His life to save ours.

Usually when a person realizes they are about to die and then are saved by another, they are so grateful! Their entire attitude changes; many times their entire life changes! Oh, if we could only truly see that we are about to die a horrible death then realize that God has already done what is needed to save our lives! Our entire lives and attitudes would be changed! We would live a life of gratitude from that moment forward.

John 3:16

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