First Things First

What I’m about to type is not an original thought:
There cannot be a Resurrection without there first being a Crucifixion.

But let’s explore this out a little farther:
There cannot be a Crucifixion without there first being an arrest, mock trials, slander, insults, accusations, mocking, and a beating.
There cannot be an arrest and mock trial without there first being a betrayal, a time of agony, prayer and alone time with the Father.
There cannot be a betrayal without there first being a bittersweet meal-time together with quarreling loved ones, a degrading servant’s role that promotes unity, the breaking and sharing of bread, and drinking from a cup of sorrow.
There cannot be a “last supper” without there first being a time of teaching throughout a city and surrounding areas, a time of pleading for Jerusalem to be gathered as a hen gathers her chicks under protective wings, a calling out of false teaching and teachers that create stumbling blocks. There can’t even be a “last supper” without the breaking of an alabaster box, the anointing for burial, a contrite heart, and the adoration of one who’s been forgiven so much that it doesn’t matter if everyone in the room casts an ugly eye, as long as the One whose feet you are weeping at and drying with your hair loves you beyond measure.
And there cannot be a time of teaching in the city and surrounding areas without there first being a triumphant entrance into the city on a donkey’s colt with its inhabitants crying out with great joy, “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the LORD!”

And here we are today. Are we waiting and expecting His return, shouting out “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the LORD”? Or are the rocks crying out because we refuse to? Just as He suddenly came into the city that is rightly His earthly throne, so He will return and take possession of what is rightfully His. All those who do not rightfully belong to Him will be left behind.
But here’s the thing, He went through all the emotional hurt, the pain of rejection and betrayal, and the anguish of separation and crucifixion death and RESURRECTION so that you can rightfully belong to Him and never be left behind and alone again.
Just as God created the earth and all that is within it in and finished all His work in 6 days and rested upon the 7th, so His only begotten Son finished all His work in 6 days and rested on the 7th….
But early in the morning, on the 1st day of the week, WOO! when the women came to finish the burial procedure for Him — HAHA! Glory to God! the stone was rolled back, grave clothes were crumpled, and He was NOT there!
How do we know that He wasn’t stolen away? Read the Acts Chapter 1. The Lord’s story didn’t not end at an empty tomb!
As much as we can, let’s try to walk through this holy week, putting ourselves in positions that we point to Jesus’ sacrifice for the sake of mankind.

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